Rosanne Cash Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Aint No Money Chords
02. Anybodys Darling Chords
03. Black Cadillac Chords
04. Blue Moon With Heartache Chords
05. Burn Down This Town Chords
06. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow Chords
07. Closing Time Chords
08. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies Chords
09. Down On Love Chords
10. Dreams Are Not My Home Chords
11. God Is In The Roses Chords
12. Hold On Chords
13. If You Change Your Mind Chords
14. I Dont Know Why You Dont Chords
15. I Want A Cure Chords
16. Land Of Dreams Chords
17. Land Of Nightmares Chords
18. Looking For A Corner Chords
19. Mirror Image Chords
20. My Old Man Chords
21. Never Be You Chords
22. Never Gonna Hurt Chords
23. No Memories Hanging Round Chords
24. Only Human Chords
25. On The Inside Chords
26. On The Surface Chords
27. Paralyzed Chords
28. Real Woman Chords
29. Right Or Wrong Chords
30. Roses In The Fire Chords
31. Rosie Strike Back Chords
32. Rules Of Travel Chords
33. Second To No One Chords
34. Seven Year Ache Chords
35. Somewhere In The Stars Chords
36. Take Me Take Me Chords
37. Tennessee Flat Top Box Chords
38. Tennessee Flat Top Box Tab
39. The Real Me Chords
40. The Wheel Tab
41. The World Unseen Chords
42. What We Really Want Chords
43. You Wont Let Me In Chords