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That Girl Has Love Tab

Rooney: That Girl Has Love Tab
Standard Tuning
D: X00232
G: 320003


Play 2x.. listen to the song it's pretty easy.

Verse: Since you play the intro twice.. the second time you play it is when he
starts singing. After you play it, the guitar chords come in. 
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      Am              D           G                Em        Am         
"The family seems to love her if what they say is true the friends all share 
 D              Em
the good times yeah that girl has love that girl has..." 

For the next part of the verse play: G then Em. Figure out the strumming.. it's
not hard just listen to the song. Then:
      Am            D        
"She walked into my room.." it's the same as the first part

 G            D Em              C           G      D Em             C   
"She doesn't know things will never be the same again she'll always be 
G D  Em      C
seventeen that girl 

has love"

Same for second verse and second chorus.

The Bridge is the same thing as the first part of the verse. Just with a slight diff end

Am           D         G        Em    2x       Am            D          G

Then Chorus.. it's a really easy song so i hope you enjoy..