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Stay Awake Chords

Stay Awake 
Ronnie Laws
Tabbed by: Leah Comia

D             Em7
Another day, another place
F#m               Bm7                G   A7
Another night and you're not here
D          Em7
Once again far from home
F#m          Bm7              G   A7
All alone to play my song
D                Em7
I know in just a little while
F#m                    Bm7           
I'll be right there to see your face
G           A7
But until I can
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G                  F#m            Bm
I stay awake and I want you by my side, baby
(I stay awake and I want you, baby)
Repeat 3x
G                  F#m            Bm  A7
I stay awake and I want you by my side

D                  Em7
In a special way I need your touch
F#m                     Bm7         G   A7
To fill the warmth that comforts me
And you know it's true
Em7             D                 Bm7
All and all I'd rather spend this time with you
G           A7
But until I can

(Repeat Chorus)