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get off my cloud
drum intro
E       A       B       E/G#     D
0       5       7       #        5
0       5       7       #        7
1       6       8       #        7
2       7       9       2        7
2       7       9       2        5
0       5       7       4        #

riff 1
E      A     B      A        A
-4-----5-4-5-7------5-4-5-4- ---------|
---------------------------- -10-10-9-|
---------------------------- -9--9--9-|
---------------------------- -11-11-9-|
---------------------------- ---------|
---------------------------- ---------|

   E                A                B                           A
(1)i live in the an apartment on the ninety ninth floor of my block
(2)the telephone is ringing i say hi its me whos there on the line
(3)i was sick and tired fed up with this and deciced to take a drive down town
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and i sit at home lookin out the window imagining the world has stopped
a voice say hi hello how are you well i guess im doing fine
it was so very quiet and peaceful there was nobody not a soul around

then in flies a guy whos all dressed upjust like a union jack
he says its 3am theres too much noise dont you people ever want to go to bed
i laid myself out i was sotired and i started to dream

he says ive won five pounds if i have this kind of detergent pack
just cause you feel so good do you have to drive me out of my head
in the morning the parking tickets were just like flags stuck on my winscreen

riff 2

       E   E/G#    A      B
i said hey you get off my cloud
i said hey you get off my cloud
i said hey you get off my cloud
D                      B          E     A     B     A
dont hang around cause two a crowd