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Love Is All Chords

Artist:Roger Glover
Title:Love is all (Butterfly Ball)

Tabbed by Thomas Rutgers

I searched for this tab and couldn't find it, so i did it myself...

The intro is like one big scale (b-a-g#-f#-e-d-c#-b-a-g-f#-e-d)
played in chords, like this....


   b  B/A b/g# B/F#   e  E/D E/C# E/B   a A/G A/F# A/E   d

                            		    |	|
                                             \  |
	  				      --}I use my thumb here...


C       g            Am       F (*)
  Everybody's got to live together

C         g             Am      F
  All the people got to understand

C                g                  Am        F
  So, love your neighbour like you love your brother

  Come on and join the band

		(*)-> The bass goes like c-d-e-f, so you could
   		      play C - G/D - Am/E - F, if you want to....


Well, all you need is love and understanding
Ring the bell and let the people know
We're so happy and we're celebratin'
Come on and let your feelings show

CHORUS: (Not really a chorus because the text changes every time...)
[ Tab from: ]
        Am                 d
Love is all, well love is all,

        g(**)                    C
Love is all, can't you hear the call

        Am        (Am/g ***)
Oh, love is all you need

        d(/f# ***) g                  C
Love is all you need at the Butterfly Ball

	(**)-> I don't know what this chord really is,
		like a G11 or something but i'm not sure

	(***)-> You can play this bass-line if you want to; sounds ok i think

INTRO again


Ain't you happy that we're all together
At the ball in nature's countryside
And although we're wearing different faces
Nobody wants to hide


Love is all and all is love and
It's easy, yes it's so easy
At the Butterfly Ball where love is all
And it's so easy

Now comes a little waltz-like intermezzo; i really dont know how you should play it,
but the chords are like the intro, so you can play the intro or freak away if you want to!


All you need is love and understanding
Hey, ring the bell and let the people know
We're so happy and we're celebratin'
Let your feelings show


Love is all, yes love is all at the Butterfly Ball
Love is big, love is small
Love is free, love is all
At the Butterfly Ball

When you back's to the wall
When you're starting to fall
You got something to lean on
Love is everything
It can make you sing at the Butterfly Ball
Love is all, I say love is all, yes love is all
At the Butterfly Ball

  (the song fades out, but you can make up a nice ending i think)

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Chords used:

C	x32010
g	320003
Am	x02210
Am/G	302010
F	133211
d	xx0232
D/F#	200232

Sorry for my bad english...
Laterz... Thomaz