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Montana Chords

			     Rocky Votolato - Montana
From the album Suicide Medicine
Tabbed by: Alan
Tuning: down half step Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb

D       A         G 
driving north on 35 heading into the night 
D    A              G
the suns getting easier for me to look at
D    A              G
Been singing these songs about you Montana for
D   A            G
so long without ever even knowing it 
Em                        Bm
the things that you can't see 
Em                 Bm
if you look you'll find 
Em               Bm
they'll deliver everything
Em                       A
somewhere somehow I got everything backwards

[ Tab from: ]
D        A                G
from the gas tank to the engine 
D  A              G
ambition sets the pistons on fire 
D            A         G
and when you feel the distance in an empty bed 
            D                    A          G                           Em  
lord you'll know that you're the woman of a hard working guitar pickin' man 
Bm G A
Bm          A                G
you know my dream has always been 
a freight train leaving town 
Bm        A                G                   Em
I grew up small town but I always knew I'd get out of that somehow 
Bm         A                 G               Em
I'm barely breathing on this stage but it's keeping me alive 
Bm                  A      G
there's nowhere I'd rather be 
              Em              A        Bm   A G Em   Bm A G   Em  A
than on my way home to you tonight  he heh

D       A         G
driving north on 35 heading into the night 
D    A              G
the suns getting easier for me to look at 
D     A           G
maybe Memphis TN, maybe New Orleans
D     A          G
maybe Arizona, I guess we'll see

here's the little picking part... the best i could figure it out.



| /  slide up
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off

Good road song. Tell me what you think, if you want. Rocky Rocks!