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Sunny Days Chords

Song title: SUNNY DAYS
Album: Atomic Bomb

I love the sun
I love the sunny day that
F#m       E                          D
Any all day I'm not with you

I love the sea
And I never want to be in
F#m      E                          D
Any all day I'm not with you
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Stanza Chords: A - F--
A                    F 
And can I be pissed and you cool?
A                               F
And can you be fire and me ice?
A                      F                       A          F
And can we be Wolverine and Bambi? 
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And if I should drown, will you smile? 
Well, if you'd be guillotined that's nice, 
I'm laughing so hard, you'll think I'm Satan 

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There certainly ain't no future, 
like one and one and one ain't three 
There's apes in my pillow, 
clowns in your Electric Spanish fly tea 

By: emerson (butotong24@yahoo.com)