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Deeply Dippy Chords

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                         "Deeply Dippy"
                        (Right Said Fred)


Transcribed by: me!

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This is a fun song!.....and pretty simple.....keep repeating the sequence.

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     C                     Am
   Deeply dippy 'bout the curves you got
    Bb          F
   Deeply hot, hot for the curves you got
    C                      Am
   Deeply dippy 'bout the fun we had
     Bb         F
   Deeply mad, mad for the fun we had

    C     Am
   Oh my love
      Bb                  F
   I can't make head nor tail of passion
    C     Am
   Oh my love
    Bb               F              C
   Let set sail for seas of passion now

   Deeply dippy 'bout the way you walk
   Contact sport, let the neighbours talk
   Deeply dippy, I'm your superman
   I'll explain, you're my Lois Lane


   Deeply dippy 'bout your Spanish eyes
   Sierra smile, legs that go on for.........
   *(scream ur heart out ;O)* .......miles....babe...... miles!!!
   Oh my love.........
   I can't make head nor tail of passion......

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