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A Song For The Lovers Chords

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Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 15:46:12 -0400
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Written and performed by: Richard Ashcroft  
Transcribed by Simon Bobin   

This brilliant new song from the former Verve frontman is entirely composed of four chords 
- Am, Em, F and E, in different orders for the verse and chorus. Often the guitars are 
drowned out by the strings in the song, and the lyrics are difficult to pick out at times. 
The song is surprisingly upbeat, but it is easy to pick up the general strumming rhythm. 

There is a short guitar lick which I tabbed that may come in useful, and where this appears
 in the song, I will asterisk it (*)


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Intro: Am  Em  F   E               

Verse 1:
          Am           Em      F       E                        
I spent a night... 

                    Am         Em      F       E*               
We're gonna... 

Chorus 1:
       F                     Em      Am      E   
And to share...

     F                            Em      Am    E   

Verse 2:
            Am           Em       F       E*                       
Don't wanna wait... 


            Am           Em            F        E
Can't you see?... 


Chorus 2:

F               Em     Am     E
       F                   Em      Am      E
And to...

(Solo - Play verse x2 over it)

       F                     Em      Am     E        
And to...

F                                Em     Am     E

(Then chorus to fade over these lyrics:)

Cant stop..
One more.. 
One more.. 
Cant stop..

                       Any corrections, comments etc, email me!!