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Fair Chords

Artist:	Remy Zero	
Title:	Fair
Album:	OST Garden State	
Tabber:	dziobak100 [pl]

Hey, are you lonely? 				D h
Has summer gone so slowly? 			C e
We found the ground, 				D h	
but that damage was done. 			C	
It's cold as you fade into the sun. 		e		
Where'd you go? To me? 			f# G
But you're alive! 				D 	
Well, it's only 					h		
fallen frames, they told me. 			C e 
You stand out, it's so loud... 			D h
and so what if it is. 				C
It's cold when you fade into the wind. 		e
Where'd it go to? 				f# G
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So what if you catch me, 			D A
where would we land? 				h
In somebody's life 				G
forsaking his hands. 				D
Sing to me hope as she's 			D A
thrown on the sand. 				h
All of your works 				G
are rated again. 				D
Where to go? 					f# G

But it's all wrong, you're so strong. 
But this life's work 
and choice took far too long. 

Where'd it go to? 

Repeat chorus. 

You know I love you. 
You know I love you . 
I want you oh so much. 

It's so fair. 

When I was sure you'd follow through, 
My world was turned to blue. 

When you'd hide 
your songs would die, 
so I'd hide yours with mine. 

And all my words were bound to fall. 
I know you won't fail... 

see, I can tell...