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Sweetness Follows Bass Tab

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Sweetness Follows

From: Norris Brady Thomas (Brady.Norris@Colorado.EDU)

(cello arr. for bass guitar)

Verse riff                   Chorus riff
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  D5                           F6     G6sus2 F6     G6sus2 
G-----2------------------    G---------------3------5--------- 
D-0-0---0-0-0-0-0--------    D-3------5-----------------------
A------------------------    A--------------------------------
E------------------------    E--------------------------------

Riff for end of last chorus

  F6     G6sus2 F6     G6sus2 F6     G6sus2 D5
G---------------3------5------7------9------14---->|play as whole note 
D-3------5--------------------------------------   |for two bars while verse
A-----------------------------------------------   |riff continues