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I Am Understood Chords

  This song is rare since know one has tabbed it so enjoy

Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Danny B

 Intro (Acoustic)

      D   D5   G5   D     (4x)

 Verse 1  (electric)

      D5  G5  D5  A5      (4x)

 Chorus   (electric)
 -It swithces to 3/4 time-

                    1st time
      D5(4x) G5(4x) B5(4x)  A5(2x)  G5(2x)

                    2nd time
      D5(4x) G5(4x) B5(4x)  A5(2x)  G5(1x)

 Verse 2 (electric)
  Starts off with a D5 played:1 e &a 2t 3e &a 4t
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     ['''''''''']        ['''''''''']
     D5 D5 D5 D5   //    D5 D5 D5 D5  //

   Verse 2 is the same as verse one

  Chorus (2) same as chorus one   (3/4)

  Bridge (acoustic)
  This is the riff but you have to figure out how many times it is played.


         Hoped you like it, e-mail me any comments or questions