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Your Sweet Voice Chords

Your Sweet Voice - The Reindeer Section

Intro: G C 

G            C   G           C                   G
Your sweet voice  Let's me know there is a choice.
G           C   G           C             G 
Please me slow. Much more slowly than that. 
G             C    G               C                 G  
And when we danced we danced one cheek to cold cheek.  so on and so on... 
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E       D              C                   E                 D 
Can I call you a friend? Because when you left me here you left me here 
to die.  
E              D                 C                 E             D 
Don't worry I wont call you again. Because when I take a hint I take it 
           C               E                  D            C               G
pretty hard. And when you broke my heart you broke it into shards of glass.

Give that a shot...Sounds good to me.