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Drunk Again Chords

Artist: Reel Big Fish
Song: Drunk Again
Tabbed by: Improviduto (Trevor)

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Notes: This is a different version from the other "Drunk Again" tab I made. It's
a stripped down version for guitar. After playing it on my own acoustic guitar,
I've found this to be very managable and pleasant sounding. Enjoy!


F   A   A7   Bb   F   C

After Verse:

F   Fm   F   Fm

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F   Eb   Bb   C#   C


Am   Am/F#   F   E

Dm   E


F  - 133211
A  - x02220
A7 - x02020
Bb - x13331
C  - x32010

After Verse
F  - 133211
Fm - 133111

F  - 133211
Eb - x68886
Bb - 688766
C# - x46664
C  - x35553

Am   - x02210
Am/F - 202210 (use your thumb on the E string)
F    - 133211
E    - 022100

Dm   - xx0231
E    - 022100