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Tear Correct Chords

Somebody asked for th right chords to Tear by RHCP on 08/11/03 so
here goes....

Intro and chorus chords are   C   G7  Am

Chorus chords are   C   C/B    Asus2    Am/G
                    Fsus2   C/E   Dm   G   C   C/B
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                    Asus2   Am/G   Fsus2   C/E   Dm   G   Am

Interlude    Fmaj7   E7   Fmaj7   E7   E7b9   Fmaj7   E7
             Fmaj7   E7   F   G   C   G9   Am(add9)   C   G9


Then back to verse chords and that's it.