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Road Trippin Tab

Road Trippin  Red Hot Chili Peppers    Album: Californication
tabbed by: Eric Anderson
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Guitar only, however, the bass plays a major role. 
The chord progression, as I see it, switches from E to C to B.  
No power chords, unless it\'s a barre chord. This song is fingerpicking,
and is basically a bass note followed by some higher strings between chord 
changes.    (one will need to adlib with the  finger picking)
   E-pick out of the formation
e-(0)-|------0--2---------0---| continue with
B-(0)-|--0----0----0--------0-| adlib until chord change.
G-(1)-|--------------1--------| The \"E\" is held for the same
D-(2)-|-----------------------|amount of time as the C and B combined.
A-(2)-|----2----2-------2-----| Hense, the change from C to B is fairly
E-(0)-|0----------------------|  rapid.

e-(0)-|--0-----0--|     little adlib, if any
B-(1)-|----1-----1|     is necessary in the C or B
G-(0)-|-----------|     segments, you can hear where more
D-(2)-|-----------|     notes need to be


For the Bridge, barre a D7 at the eleventh fret(the barre being on the 11), and continue
down ward frets, 10, 9, 8, and 7.  Then flow back into the normal pattern. 

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any questions or comments?   lemme know thanks
Eric Anderon