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Burn Tab

Ray LaMontagne
Tabbed By Dave Hamilton

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Intro - C

[C]Oh mama don't walk away[F]
I'm a [G]goddam sore loser
I ain't [C]too proud to stay
But I'm [Am]still thinking 'bout you
And I'm so [F]lonesome without you
And I [D7]can't get you out of my [G]mind [G] [G7]
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Oh [C]mama don't leave me [F]alone
with my [G]soul sat down so tight it's
like a [C]stone cold tomb
Ain't it [Am]clear when I'm near you
I'm just [F]dying to hear you
[D7]Calling my name one more [G]time [G] [G7]

Oh so [F]don't pay no mind[Am]
To my [F]watering eyes[Am]
Must be [C]something in the air
That I'm breathing[G]

Yes'n [F]I try to ignore[Am]
All this [F]blood on the floor[Am]
It's just this [C]heart on my sleeve
that's a [G]bleeding [G] [G7]

Oh [C]mama don't walk away[F]
You [G]leave me here bereaving from
the [C]words so hard and plain
Saying the [Am]love that we had
was just [F]selfish and sad
To see you [D7]now with him
is just making me mad[F]

Oh so [C]kiss him again
just to [G]prove to me that you can
an I will [F]stand here
and burn in my skin[C]
Yes I will [F]stand here
and burn in my skin[C]