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Roots Radicals Bass Tab

Song Title: Roots Radicals
Artist: Rancid

The verse riff basically follows the guitar with a few exceptions:
Repeat throughout the verses (figure out the sixteenth note rhythms on your own,
 these are all just eight notes)

       I started thinkin' . . . 

With the music execution . . .

CHORUS -- The coolest bass part of the song
Give 'em the boot, the roots, the radicals   Give em' the boot, you know I'm a radical
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rancid/roots_radicals_btab_ver_4.html ]
Give 'em the boot, the roots, the reggae on my stereo

BRIDGE -- Another cool riff

Yeah, Yeah     Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah . . .           (repeat 3 times)


That's the riffs of the song. Very easy, but cool to play.
I hope things aren't too messed up, because this is my first tab submission.
I didn't put any measure bars or note values with the tab because, at least 
in my case, whem I get a tab off the internet, I'm already familiar with the
song and all that other stuff just makes it harder to read.  This is tab 
plain and simple--where to put your fingers on the fretboard so you can play 
the song.
So, forget all that other stuff, and enjoy taking the 60 bus!  

Submitted by Josh Caton, bassist for the band Jacob (catonj@mcnet.marietta.edu)

Submitted by:  Josh Caton (catonj@mcnet.marietta.edu)