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Zapatas Blood Tab

Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Song: Zapata's Blood (as played in Mexico City, 2000)
Guitarist: Tom Morello

Tabbed By: Tim Hall
EMail: RunningFromSatan@hotmail.com

Drop D tuning (DADGBE)
Digitech Whammy
Digital Delay

*-Keep delay on througout entire song-*

INTRO/VERSE: (repeat as needed)

E |-------------------|
B |-------------------|
G |-------------------|
D |-x-x-12p10h12p10---|
A |-------------------|
D |-------------------|

VARIATION: (Digitech Whammy [2 oct.] on; repeat as needed)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rage_against_the_machine/zapatas_blood_tab.html ]
E |-----------|
B |-----------| <--Strike harmonic a little ways above the 3rd fret (high D note - similar
G |-<3.2>-----|    to the 22nd fret on the high E string) on the G-string - raise note 2 octaves 
D |-----------|    with whammy pedal, then slowly lower it down to regular pitch for a "siren"
A |-----------|    type noise.
D |-----------|

INTRO/VERSE (repeat as needed)

E |-----------------------|-----------10----|
B |-----------------------|-10h12h13-----13-|
G |---------------x-x-10--|-----------------|
D |--12p10h12p10--x-x-10--|-----------------|
A |-----------------------|-----------------|
D |-----------------------|-----------------|