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Fake Plastic Trees Chords

Heya.  People have submitted this tabs before, and they basically have the right tab, 
but the sound isn't the same the actual song.  I'm positive this is right because in 
the song, the high E string is always left open.

Because the E string is left open, it changes the names of the chords used.  People 
think that it's just F#m, but when the string's open, it makes is a really long hard 
name that I don't know. :)

It's played like:
E:  0
B:  2
G:  2
D:  4
A:  4
E:  2

This seems hard to play at first, but you just have to play the 
bass E string with your thumb on it on F# (E: 2 in the tab) and then stretch your 
hand to fit on the A,D,G and B strings.  I don't know the proper name, so I'll just 
call it F#m? for now. Also in the little bridge part of the song, the tune is A, Bm, 
but Bm has changed to:

E:  0
B:  3
G:  4
D:  4
A:  2
E:  x

I'll call it Bm? as well, cause I don't know the name.
Sorry about all the babbling, but the chords need to be played that way to sound 
right.  If you have any comments, then my user name for UG is WellWellMrBond.  
Because they are updating the server at the moment, it won't let me sign in.  
The chords may sound wrong by themselves, but just play them along with the song. 
Anycrap, enjoy!

A      x,0,2,2,2,0
F#m?   2,4,4,2,2,0
Dsus4  x,x,0,2,3,0
Bm?    x,2,4,4,3,0

[ Tab from: ]
 A                            F#m?
  Her green plastic watering can
                         E      Dsus4
  For her fake chinese rubber plant
            A       Dsus4
  In fake plastic earth
 A                                 F#m ? 
  That she bought from a rubber man
                       E      Dsus4
  In a town full of rubber plants
         A         Dsus4
  To get rid of itself

                  Bm?        A
  It wears her out   (4x)

  She lives with a broken man
  A cracked polysterene man
  Who just crumbles and burns
  He used to do surgery
  For girls in the eighties
  But gravity always wins and

  It wears him out   (4x)

  She looks like the real thing
  She tastes like the real thing
  My fake plastic love

  But I can't help the feeling
  I could blow through the ceiling
  If I just turn and run
  It wears me out   (4x)

  If I could be what you wanted
  If I could be what you wanted   
  All the time

PS - if you wanted to get technical when you play the F#m? chord, it's played like this.

E ---0--
B ---2--
G ---2--
D ---4--
A ---4--
E -0-2--

It sounds like it's just the bass guitar kicking in, and it is later in the song, 
but in the beginning when it's just the acoustic, it can be heard. I'm just being 
picky, but that's how it's played in the song. Cheers :)