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Dear Friends Chords

So dear friends 
     G    A   D
Your love has gone 
D             A      E7 A
Only tears to dwell   upon
  D   Dmaj7  G/B
I dare not   say
D/A     G    Dmaj7 Em7
As  the wind must  blow
     Dsus4   D 
So a love is lost 
  Asus4   A
A love is won 
D               G     A D
Go to sleep and dream  again 
Soon your hopes 
     A    E7  A
Will rise and then 
     A   Dmaj7 G/B
From all this  gloom 
D/A      G      Dmaj7 E7
Life can start    a - new 
             A7           G G/F# G/E   D
And there'll be no crying soon
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