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Heel Over Head Tab

song: heel over head
band: puddle of mudd
album: life on display

i have seen many tabs for this song but none of them are exactly correct.
most of the tabbers have this song in standard tunnig. however, puddle of mudd plays in 1/2 step down. 
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/puddle_of_mudd/heel_over_head_tab.html ]
this is the main chord progression throughout the whole song:

little part after (listen to song for timing)

"...and i'm heel over head jet black skies spinnig around again..."
--------------5--------3------5-------5--------- just listen to song and 
------------3------------3---------------------- repeat when necessary

that's it. these riffs just repeat. all u need to do is add distortion and palm mute when necessary.
again just listen to the song.