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Control Tab

puddle of mudd-control
tune down 1/2 step

intro d5         f           c          g
d-----7--7--5 / 10---10-10---5--5--5--------------------------------
a-----5--5--5 / 8----8--8----3--3--3----5-5-5-----------------------
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/puddle_of_mudd/control_tab_ver_5.html ]
this is mainly the whole song. this is the intro and the chorus during 
the verse it just the bass hitting the roots and the guitar doing background 
stuff. there are slight variations of this throughout the song.
during the intro the 2nd guitar is doing some ocatave of the same notes
if you listen you can figure it out.

ending or breakdown

hold on a d5 with slight feedback

e----------------------------------- ---------------------------
b----------------------------------- -------------------------
g----------------------------------- ---------------------------
d----------------------------------- ------5/7--5/7---10-10--10-------------
a-----55555---8888--with the bass--- ------3/5--3/5---8--8---8---------------
e----------------------------------- ------------------------------

the number of times reapeated and all that junk i'm not sure of but this will give you an
idea of it just listen to the recording for the rythym and the little variations