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Hello Chords

Tabbed by Schalk, submitted by Fran├žois

I'm not sure in what key the band plays it, but I prefer to play it
with a capo on either the 3rd of 5th fret.

Hello - Prime Circle

Verse I

G                    D
Release myself from holding back
C                 D
I realise now my world's not flat
G                 D
An open mind, an open court
C             D
Open runways open the doors
G   D    C   D
So deep, so dear

Verse II

G                  D
So much to do, so little time
C                        D
I think this just might blow my mind
G                        D
I hope there's nothing overlooked
C                        D
'Cause I just want to shout out loud

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G//           G//
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello
G            C        D
To the world I can't see
G//            G//
I'm in a spin, I'm in a spin
G           C         D
I'm letting go once again
G        D               Em
Now that I have been set down
I don't ever want to leave
G                D            Em
These things are never all I see
Means so very much to me

Verse III (same as the other verses)

There's more to say, more to do
Just give me time, I'll get back to you
I hope there's nothing over looked
'Cause I just want to shout out loud

Repeat Chorus

Post chorus

G                   D
And I won't waste another day
  Em                   C      G
Holding back on everything I say
               D           Em
You see I'm through, done now
And I'm happier


G                    C
Something's got to change (got to change)
G                   C
Something's got to go my way (my way)
G                     C        G      D
I can't see it's all just a dream
G                    C
You see, I'm inside out
G                     C
I'm looking up but falling down
G            D
I can't see in you
C                  D
So come on over, come and say your...

Repeat chorus


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