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Stop Swimming Chords

Stop Swimming

Porcupine Tree [Written by Steven Wilson]
Am X02210 Badd11 799800 
Em 022000 G/D XX0433
Fmaj7 133210 
Fm 122111 
E 022100

Am Em Fmaj7
This song leaks out onto the pavement
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm
It could be a joke, it could be a statement
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm
The more that I fake it and pretend I don't care
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm
The more you can read in to what isn't there
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Am Em Fmaj7 
Maybe it's time to stop swimming
Am Em Fmaj7 
Maybe it's time to find out where I'm at
Am Em Fmaj7 
What I should do and where I should be
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm E 
But no-one will give me a map

D - G/D E x2 D - G/D E 

Badd11 D - G/D 

Am Em Fmaj7 
I'll leave now this can't continue
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm
But I forget which door I came through
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm
And I know that the lift can be painfully slow
Am Em Fmaj7 Fm E
So I'm happy to leave by the window Oh........Softly

D - G/D E Badd11 D - G/D 

Transcribed by Mike