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Pure Narcotic Chords

Pure Narcotic - Purcepine Tree

Tabbed by seboddos aka zappy the koala

Intro & Verse (D  Em xx2000  C)
D                 Em     C
You keep me waiting
D                        Em            C
You keep me alone in a room full of friends
D          Em   C
You keep me hating
D              Em                C
You keep me listening to the Bends

Bridge (Bb D)
No amount of pointless days
Can make this go away

Verse (D  Em xx2000  C) 
You have me on my knees
You have me listless and deranged
You have me in your pocket
You have me distant and estranged

Bridge (Bb D)
No narcotics in my brain
Can make this go away
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Chorus (A  F#m F  Em)

     A         F#m              F                    Em   
E |--0----------2----------------0--------------------0---|
B |--2----------2----------------1--------------------0---|
G |--2----------2----------------2--------------------0---|
D |-------------4----------------3--------------------2---|
A |-------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|
I'm sorry that, I'm sorry that I'm not like you
I worry that I don't act the way you'd like me to

You find me wanting You find me bloodless but inspired
You find me out You find me hallucinating fire

No narcotics in my brain Can make this go away

Have we ever been here before? Running headlong at the floor
Leave me dreaming on a railway track Wrap me up and send me back