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Piano Lessons Chords

Piano Lessons - Porcupine Tree

Intro: C#m7  E  B  F#

Verse (C#m7  E  B  F#)
C#m7        E  
I remember piano lessons	
B              F#
The hours in freezing rooms
C#m7        E  
Cruel ears and tiny hands
B              F#
Destroying timeless tunes

C#m7             E  
She said there's too much out there
B              F#
Too much already said
C#m7             E  
You'd better give up hoping
B              F#
You're better off in bed
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Chorus (A  F  Em  D)
C#m7                          E
(Take your hands off my land)
A                     F               Em      
Credit me with some intelligence
(if not just credit me)
A             F                   Em 
I come in value packs of ten
(in five varieties)

Verse (C#m7  E  B  F#)
You don't need much to speak of No class, no wit, no soul
Forget you own agenda Get ready to be sold

I feel now like Christine Keeler Sleepwaking in the rain
I didn't mean to lose direction I didn't want that kind of fame


Verse (C#m7  E  B  F#)
And even though I got it all now My only stupid dream
I see you and me together And how it should have been

I remember piano lessons Now everything seems clear
You waiting under streetlights For dreams to disappear