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Only You Chords

  4/4 time     Only You  by The Platters   Key of D                          
            Verse 1.
A   Ab A     NC   D                    F#                        Bm
Intro:      Only You__  can make this world seem right____ On-ly You___
              D                         G             A         D
can make the dark-ness bright___ On-ly You and you a-lone can thrill me
 F#       Bm         E                                   A
like you  do__ and  fill my heart with love for  On-ly  You.____
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         Verse 2.
          NC       D                  F#                         Bm
          On-ly__ You  can make this change  in me___   For its  true___
                  D                G             Gm                   D
you are my des-ti-ny___  When you hold my hand I un -der-stand  the  mag-ic
     F#   B                 E                   A             D   G  D   
that you  do.___ You're my dream come true my  one and On-ly You._________
                                                             Repeat verse 2.