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OK heres the song in NORMAL TUNING, none of this technical tuning down your G string to
an F or going down 'half a step' (what the hell is 'standard Placebo tuning' anyway?).
It's really easy, but at the same time its a great song and you can practice your super
fast Steve Harris style finger bassing when playing along. I would recommend playing it
with fingers as oppose to a pick, but obviously do whatever you're use to.

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Somewhere near the end of the song, i believe its during the last verse there is a sligh
 variation. It's really really obvious if you listen to the song and it goes quite simply
like this:


And thats the song. I'm not totally sure when the bass starts, but i think the fist note
is played just before Brian starts singing. Just repeat the riff throughout the verse and
then start it again for the chorus. The note count might not be exact in this tab but if
you listen you can sometimes hear the change in the bass during the song (especially if
you have a bass boost) or if not just follow the lead of the guitar, changing when the
guitar changes. I think you play the riff:

Verse         = Twice
Distorted bit = Twice
Chorus        = Varies throughout the song.

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