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I have been reading your version of "Fearless" by Pink Floyd and it's pretty close. I've
been screwing around with this song for years and played it on stage, completely differently
and wrongley from the way I'm going to sugguest in this message, and I think I've finally got it.
I think the opening riff is alot easier if you drop the A string down to a G and play the pedal
G pattern on the open A string (David Gilmour loves to play little tricks, ie: "Hey You"), that
way it leaves your hands free to play the ascending run. It also sets you up for easy power chords
at the end of the riff just before the verse.:
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       vamp on this chord
    E	-3--------------------------------------------7\--3--   | -----------------|
    B	-0------------------0-----1----3-----5----7---8\--0-- . | -----------------|
    G	-0------------------0-----0----0-----0----0-------0--   | ---5--0--3-3--0--|
    D	-0------------------------------------------------0-- . | ---5--0--3-3--0--|
    G	-0----------------0---0-0---0-0--0-0---0-0--------0--   | ---5--0--3-3--0--|
    E	-x------------------------------------------------x--   | -----------------|

The rest of the chords are as you have noted, you just have to remember to adjust the note on
the A string a third, some chords sound better, more layered with the chord shape unchanged.

Phill Hamilton, Ontario