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Work For Food Chords

"Work For Food" as performed by pinhead gunpowder
tabbed by kayno86 ( 
my first tab submit, so hell, i made it a simple un. 
power chords all the way, an aint that the only way.

Intro: D G x4

Verse 1:
D          G
30 days of traveling
D                  G
In Whitville, Tennessee
D             G
Got 3 dollars in my pocket
D             G
Got 3 kids to feed
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       C    G
And My sign says
       C        G
I will work for food
   C    G    
My eyes say I'm in
  C               G
A working kind of mood

Verse 2:
    D         G
I'm broke, no skill
    D               G
So hard to live this way
D              G
Looking like I do I can't
D                      G
Seem to get the time of day

(repeat Chorus)

ABE, ABC (x2)

Verse 3:
D         G
9 to 5 at Scotia
D           G
Down at the mill
D         G
For half, half as much money
D                      G
I've seen a better man killed

(repeat chorus)

ABE, ABC (x2)

end on a D.