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Everything Must Change Chords

Everything Must Change
By Paul Young
From: "The Secret of Association", 1984

G  CAdd9  DSus4
G  CAdd9  DSus4

G                                   G7                     C
I was never one to back out of an argument and say I was wrong.
Am                                      D                G    CAdd9    DSus4
Even when I'd seen the other side I'd hide my foolishness and carry on.
G                                        G7                      C
But still I'd be embarrassed 'cos they'd see what happened and they'd play along.
Am                                   D                    G    CAdd9   DSus4
Until I back myself into a corner I would only realize when they had gone.

             Bb       F       Bb     F7 
And like a dream, a life, a reason,
Everything must change...
(Everything, everything. Everything must change)

             Bb       F       Bb     F7
And like a world, this earth and seasons
Everything must change... 
(Everything, everything. Everything must change.)
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G                                   G7                          C
In the same way when we disagree I wouldn't be the one to back down.
            Am                            D              G     CAdd9   DSus4
Still I'd know that you had faith in me. Tell me something, am I letting you down?
G                                  G7                               C
'Cos when I woke up and I saw the note you pressed into the mirror frame
Am                                      D                G    CAdd9    DSus4
but it was easy to be angry at ya but deep inside I know we share the blame.



I'm going back to the top to start myself off 
G7                                                  C
but first of all somethings I need to know.
When I'm scared of being wrong again,
won't you be the one I turn to 
           G                CAdd9  DSus4
to let me know, oh, let me know, oh.
Please, let me be right for once 
G7                                  C
'cos right now all I feel I do is wrong
and it's never too late to learn about love
and this victim needs your hand...
               G  CAdd9 DSus4
to hold on.


(Repeat and Ad-Lib Soulful Glib as necessary)   ;)

So this evening I went to find the chords to a few Paul Young songs (this included) and
discovered (to my shock) that NO ONE out there seemed to have them! Hey man, it's PAUL
YOUNG! This is my very first attempt at 'coding' a complete song. I think I got most of
these right but that F7th up there is suspect. If you've got a better idea let me or
someone else know, otherwise I think this is a pretty close interpretation of the song.
Listen to the original for tempo and timing (not for timbre as it is very synthy).