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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 08:56:19 -0500
Subject: resubmit chords to SOMEONE TO LOVE BY PERCY MAYFIELD

            chords to "Please Send Me Someone To Love" by Percy
Mayfield-As recorded by Paul Butterfield and Better Days

Verse 1
Ab+(appregio)    A7                  A13           D9
         Heaven please send to all mankind, understanding and
        Adim              A7             Adim    Bm7
peace of mind.. and if its not asking too much, please send me
          E9    B7#5b9      E9
someone to love...someone to love
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Verse 2
 Ab+(appreg.)  A7                A13
        Show the world how to get
along,                                           D9
Adim             A7                         peace will enter when hate
is gone...and if its not asking
  Adim    Bm7     E9              A7       D9         A7    A#dim
too much send me someone to love..someone to love

Bm7        E9                          A7
I lay awake nights and it feels like the whole world is
  A#dim          Bm7   E9            A7    A#dim  Bm7
 sleeping and my answer is always the same      that
                  Dm7,Dm6 Dbm7      E7#9
   unless man puts an end to all his damnable sins
B7                B13         B7#5b9          E9                Ab+
hate will put the world, put the world, put the world into flames.

Verse 3
A7              A13                    D9               Adim
And just because..because I'm in misery I don't think I don't
                    A7                    Adim      Bm7     E9
want your sympathy.. but if its not asking too much
A7                D9            F9   E9 Bb7  A7
send me someone to love..send me someone to

      If you can find a copy of this recording from the late 60's-
early 70's era, you might want to learn Amos Garrett's guitar solo
as it will be well worth the time spent. I think I have the basic
chords to the progression here. If not email me at