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Tabbed by Paxson Helgesen (a.k.a- Halo2rockstar14)
The song is in A, and it's a basic Blues Jam.
This is by no means all perfect. It's just how I
play it. I haven't tabbed in forever, so "h" is
hammer, "/" is slide. Sorry, I'm too lazy to put
the lyrics.

Shown once, repeat until verse. Pat plays a full
E instead of a 5th while hammering, but my
fingers can't do that easily. This is also used
during the "Hey Hey Hey, Ho Ho Ho..." part.

   A             E

I think he uses that D on the B string, but it's
hard to tell if he's muting or not on those high
presence Alvarez guitars.

A		     D	       A          D       A

               E             A
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E	  A	    E          A         E          A

  F#     D     E
  If I had a fork....

Repeat the F#, D and E then into the intro for
"hey hey hey, ho ho ho..."

D    A			D    A

  D    A            D   A   E
--0----2----12------0 --2---2---|

Slide the last E up, then back to the intro. I
didn't put strumming patterns in because well, I'm
just too lazy, and if you don't have rhythm, a
strumming pattern won't help;-) I hope this is of
some use to someone out there.   Go to the officiial Pat McCurdy website 
foreverything u need to know about this funny song writer!