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Maybe Someday Chords

parokya ni edgar
jingle balls...silent night...holy cow!

 E                   A
i've been told since i was young
that everytime that christmas comes
santa comes with gifts and toys
for every little girl and boy
i've been told since i was small
that christmas comes with peace for all
everyone loves and no one hates
its been said that life is great
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 E            A
maybe someday i would see
the christmas they keep showing me
the picture of how things should be
the one they keep on asking me to see

E A         E             A
   maybe someday (maybe someday)

stanza2: (do stanza chords)
i wonder if they'll ever see
the children begging on the streets
the old man sleeping on a bed
of concrete underneath the shed
i wonder if they'll ever see
the family with no food to eat
the father with no gifts to leave
underneath the tree on christmas eve