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Without You Chords

Tabbed by: Erwin Luke ---- da best

thats ol


verse 1: 
A F#m 
it feels like a lifetime 
A F#m 
a thousand days have passed by 
D9 E 
since i held you... close to me 
A F#m 
if i could see that smile from my friend 
A F#m 
i know that i could live again 
D9 E 
i need you here with me... 
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D9 F#m 
heaven knows what to say 
D9 E 
even though for right now you're so far away.. 
D9 F#m 
i hope and i pray 
D9 E 
somewhere in your heart i'll always stay 

girl lately 
D9 E 
my sun doesn't shine without you 
never noticed 
D9 E 
how it feels like to be without you 
D9 F#m D9 
feels like i took my last step and my last breath 
in my life ending 
D9 F#m 
have to say just what i was feeling girl 
D E 
coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine.. 
without you..