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Jacob S Danny P Ian S Song Chords & Tabs

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Jacob S Danny P Ian S Song Bass Tab

we love this song its really a blink song repeat a lot
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heres a little country song to set the mood repeat a lot

Heres the lyrics: 
I know a guy (I know a guy)
who is really shy (who is really shy)
he is really fly (he is really fly)
for a white guy (for a white guy)
his name is joe (his name is joe)
he is my foe (he is my foe)
He likes my toes (he likes my toes)
He doesn't even know (he doesn't even know)
He has weird hair (he has weird hair)
he doesnt care (he doesnt care)
what to wear (what to wear)
he likes to hug bears (he likes to hug bears)
He is crazy (he is crazy)
He likes daisies (he likes daisies)
He has a baby (he has a baby)
Maybe Maybe Maybe (Maybe Maybe Maybe)