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Just Like A Splendid Love Song Chords & Tabs

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Just Like A Splendid Love Song Chords

Spending my days with you
Is like living in a world of fancy
With all the beautiful people I know
Makin' love in a world 
Of vivid colours
How often have I been there
Well it really doesn't matter
As long as we're together
You and me together we will journey
To seek and see the colours 
Of our fantasies
Come to life with the stroke of your soothing hands
All the questions of life
I will come to understand

Seasons come
And seasons go
Stars will shine
And lose their glow   
But every time I try to look back
I know..
You and me in love with each other
There will be no problems that will bother
Just the two of us painting a world of our own
Everything is perfect
Just like a splendid love song
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