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Healthy Body, Sick Mind Chords

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Song:  Healthy Body, Sick Mind
Band:  Operation Ivy
Albums: Energy and Seedy (uncut version)
tabbed by: SkunX42@aol.com

i got a few requests for this and after a while i finally got it!
for the verses and choruses use ska-type strumming:
fast, kinda muted upsrokes


    D       A        G      C

or use these, doesn't really make a difference:

     D     A        G     C

Intro:  D, A, D, A, D, A

b= bend string
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/operation_ivy/healthy_body_sick_mind_crd.html ]
|----------------------------|            |-----------------|
|---3-5-5b-5b-3-7-9-9b-9b-7--|            |--7b-7b-7b-7b-7--|
|----------------------------|play that 3x|-----------------|
|----------------------------|then---->   |-----------------|
|----------------------------|            |-----------------|
|----------------------------|            |-----------------|

play that on one guitar while other plays G, C (x3) D


G                      C              D
healthy body sick mind you're working overtime
(same chords)
healthy body sick mind too hectic, too hectic
healthy body sick mind ??????? (the lyrics are screwed up here)

play Riff 


the money you spend on running shoes could feed me for a week ect ...




C-C-C-C, D-D, D-D


C-C-C-C, D-D, D-D, G

well, that's all!  have fun.  note to all who sent in requests:
i have been completely swamped, but i have written down what
everyone wants so i'll get around to it soon! still can't find my
damn Rancid self-titled CD!!!!!!  
send all comments, questions, punk tabs, and requests (i'll do my
best!) to me at: SkunX42@aol.com