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Omarion, might not be rock, but thats not the ONLY type of music in existance..
Just thought other people might like this one Omarion - O
Omarion is the lead singer in B2K who has started a solo career.

I was listening to this sweet song and fooling around with my guitar and
seemingly found a few chords that sound great imo arpeggiated with the song

Standard tuning:

C  [x32010]
G  [320033]
Am [x02210]
Fm [133211]

I selected to play it as so:
  |C      |G          |Am      |Fm
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Basically what i do is variate the fingerpicking and the style, sometimes alter the 
and pick 2 strings at once to variate and make it sound better or at times play G instead of 
again still sounds good...

Feel the beat and GO WITH THE FLOW!
Let loose and it'll sound great :)

This might not be spot on but it i think it sounds nice to this song
and is worth a try..
2nd tab ever so don't bother saying i suck, it's a fact, but if you like it
let me know :)