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One Fine Day Chords

The Offspring - One Fine Day

Please note I made this up myself from my head so if you think its wrong
donít go all nerd crazy and write hundreds of corrections about how bad it is!
And I didnít have time to fiddle about with the riffs and tabs so the middle
section is just chords. I also didnít put bits on how to play so just figure it out.   
by Ice_flames!

C             D
If I had a perfect day, 
G                      Em
I would have it start this way
C                  D          G                              
Open up the fridge and have a tall boy yeah!
C                          D
Then Iíd meet up with my friends
G                Em      
Head out to the game again
A                             D     D             
We donít even really care who wins, wins 
D   D   D
One two three!
Now excitement seems to grow
when weíre hanginí with the broís
D                          G                
When weíre chilliní and we pound

a case of strohís
Now the game is cool to see
you can high five on TV
D                     G   G   G           
Count the riot on the one two three
Operation is in sight
And the field is open wide
D                          G               
when you break it then you know youíre still alive
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If the cops donít make you pay
and you make your getaway
Then you know
Thatís one fine day!

G ó D ó C ó G
G ó D ó C ó G

C              D      
On that day before weíre through
G                Em         
We could torch a car or two
C             D             G                       
Then have ourselves another tall boy yeah!
C            D      
Water hoses and batons
G                Em     
Thatís the real game thatís on
A                             D       D
I donít really give a shit who wins, wins 
D   D   D
One two three!


G ó D ó C ó G
G ó D ó C ó G

G                 C
I believe itís my god given right
D                G
To destroy, everything in my site
Cause it never gets dull, it never gets old
   D              G
The only thing it gets is more bold
G                 C
Drinkiní fightiní going to the game
D                   G
In our world itís a way to stay sane
If youíre asking me
    C              D
To have it my way, Iíd say thatís
One fine day!



if you need the way to play it listen to it!