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Ear To The Ground Chords

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Artist      : Heather Nova
Song        : Ear to the ground
Taken from  : Glow stars
Written by  : Heather Nova
Chorded by  : Wilbert Huigens 
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Used chords:

A     002220
D     xx0232
E     022100
F#m   244222


Ear to the ground
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I've been wondering,
E                              F#m D
Waiting for something to give;
I won't be a heroine -
         E                                F#m D
I'm just looking for something to live by
And there are lesions in the soil 
E                                   F#m         D                    
And there pockets of pain where the shadows lie,
And there are voices in the ocean, 
          E              F#m        D
And there   is something     in the sky

D               E
A mother should say,
D               E
A father should say,
A   D E
You   look up,
    Look down,
A D E           
    Keep your ear to the ground
A D E           
    Keep your ear to the ground

It's washing over me 
It's spinning under me 
And am I looking up at angels 
Or am I really looking up at clouds passing by? 
And when I say I'm listening 
Why is it I only hear you when you cry?