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Hum Bhoolay Tab

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Song: Hum Bhoolay
Artist: Noori
Album: Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan
Tabbed by: Ali Hafeez

Tuning (low to high): Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb (half-step down)

Fig 1.
Guitar 1 (with minor strumming variations)
|---------------1-----------------------3-----------|| x4

Guitar 2 (can't hear it too clearly)

|---------------------------------------------------|| x2

Guitar 1			
|---0-------0------3-------2------0--(strum this---------|
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Guitar 2 (only on the first bridge)


Guitar 1, (Guitar 2 is playing appregios on the same chords as Guitar 1)

LYRICS (and how the Figs. fit in)
Hum Bhoolay

Intro (Fig 1.)
Verse (Fig 1.)
dil meray ro lay
kia kia tu bolay
main sun raha hoon sadaa

kaisay kahoon main
pathar bohot hain
phoolon ke rastay ja

Bridge (Fig 2.)
o saathi re
inn rahon ko tu jaan le

Verse (Fig 1.)
diya na batti
sangee na saathi
koi nahi hai teraa

kaisey kahoon main
pathar bohot hain
phoolon ke rastay ja

Bridge (Fig 2.)
o saathi re
in rahon ko pehchaan le

Chorus (Fig 3.)
hum bhoolay
duniya bhoolay
hum bikhrey
ab ka rona
beeti yaadon ke sayay
ab hain paraayey
iss chaaon ko tu bhool ja
sunn ley

....and so on...pretty simple song. I don't know if other ppl play it on half step
down tuning, but it makes more sense for me there. Listen to the CD for matching 
the two guitar parts. If you have a second guitarist, he should play loose appregios
on the chords, cause that's what he's doing on the CD. The Guitar 2 parts here are
not complete,but that's basically all he's doing here and there throughout the song.

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