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Thank God Its Monday Tab

Thank God It’s Monday
NOFX- Pump Up The Valuum

        F         C          D      A#        C                 
e----------------------------------------           -

            G         D           E             C          D
G-------12------------------------9---------------------------                                                                  D-------12--------12--------9---------10------12-----                                         
D-------10-----------12-----------7-------------10----------12                                                                 E------------------10-------------------8-------10----
  intro F Bb     F Bb  F Bb  F Bb                                                               
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I’m gonna tell you what I really think I like about 
F                           C
Monday cause they fell like Saturdays
                       F                          D 
When you don’t have to go to work, every day is a holiday
                 A#                       C            
I wake up when I want to, I do anything I wanna do
F                     ( RhythmFill on F to Bb(2X))
Can’t wait for Tuesday
                    F                         C
I really don’t like Fridays I can’t do what I wanna do
                C                         D
Sold out at the movies, can’t eat at the restaurant
                   A#                           C
Everybody wants to party, but the bar’s full of cigarette smoke
               C                                   F
I think I’ll stay home, I think I’ll wait for Monday
G                                             F
I live a five day weekend, I gotta year long holiday
                       F           (rhythm fill F D# F D#)
Thanks god it’s Monday
                 G                              F         
The only place I gotta be is the show or on the first tee
                F      (Rhythm fill F D# F D#)
Thank god it’s Monday
G-------------------------------------------------------------------------(held out)
Never mind aggravation, just give me modulation gimmie another key
                         G                                  D
I’ll tell you why I like Tuesdays, cause they’re kinda like Christmas
                    G                             E
Come to think about Wednesdays, are a little like Hanakah
                C                               D
Thursdays thanksgiving, I’m talking about good living
I think I’ll give thanx
Thank god it’s Monday

Outro   G F G  G F G   G F F  F# G