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13 Stitches Chords

NOFX - 13 Stitches 
from "The War On Errorism"

Please bear in mind that this is my FIRST TAB EVER. I've only been playing for three months.
I didn't actually tab this from scratch, I merely translated the power chords that
Andrew ( posted here on to open chords.
I think I got them right, because it sounds right to me. 

Tenacious C

G                    Am               C                                   G
the first time i saw the descendents, they were the fastest band i'd ever seen
G                          Am                      C                            G
no one in the crowd really cared for them, we were waiting for The Ally Cats to play
D                              Em            C                             G
after a couple months i heard Kabuki Girl, on Rodney On The Roq late sunday night
         D                           Em                   C                       D
that was enough for me, i hopped the bus to Licorice Pizza and baught my all time favorite record

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G                           Am              C                         G
the next time i went to the whiskey, it was DOA with Millions of Dead Cops
G                                    Am
the latter band played faster than i could believe
        C                                G
but the songs sounded the same and kinda sucked
      D                Em    C                       D
'cept John Wayne was a Nazi, and Joey Shithead was a drunk
     D                     Em                    C                      D
then John Macias beat some hippie to a pulp, cuz having long hair was a mistake


G                            Am        C                          G
the third time i went to the hospital, i needed 13 stitches in my head
G                          Am                   C                                  G
i managed to catch about 6 songs of Ill Repute, then some suicidal threw me into a post
D                            Em                  C                          D
my girlfriend started to cry cuz we had to leave before DRI played 50 lousy songs
D                                 Em
my blood stained shirt smelled of clove cigarettes
       C                               D
but it sure looked pretty cool after a wash