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Bathwater Bass Tab

Hey fellow bassists! This is one of the best No Doubt songs ever written, so I
think it deserves to be played properly. This isn't the WHOLE song, but it IS
most of it. It's not too hard to play either. If you have a question, e-mail me:
Oh, PS... I find this song (except for the chorus) sounds better if you pluck the
strings as hard as poss, but it can hurt your fingers, so your choice.


INTRO (this comes in after the trumpet bit)

G |---------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------|
E |-0-0-5-5-5--0-0-5-5-5--0-0-5-5-5--0-0-5-5-5--|

[ Tab from: ]
G |-----------|              |-----------|
D |-----------|              |-----------|
A |-----------|              |-----------|
E |-0-0-5-5-5-| play 3x then |-7-7-7-7-7-| play sequence 2x


G |-------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------|
E |-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-10-10-10-10-8-8-8-8-| play 2x


G |---------------------|
D |---------------------|
A |---------------------|
E |-0-0-5-5-5-0-0-5-5-5-|




G |-----------|              |-----------|
D |-----------|              |-----------|
A |-----------|              |-----------|
E |-8-8-5-5-5-| play 4x then |-0-0-5-5-5-| x2

Then Gwen goes 'why do the good girls always want the bad boys?'

G |-----------|         |-----------|
D |-----------|         |-----------|
A |-----------|         |-----------|
E |-0-0-5-5-5-| x5 then |-7-7-7-7-7-|


Then Tony plays some random thing that I haven't worked out yet.


I hope this was some use to you xXx