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Hellooo!  This is a pretty fun 80's song to play, and it's pretty easy too.  I only wish 
I knew what the lyrics meant!  Listen to the song to know where to put the Em and Dm 
chords on the verse "To say, OK".  In the chorus, the Am and G are the fill-in chords 
before the verse starts up again.  Have fun!  Well, I'm a second year medical student, and 
I have to get back to studying now...

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Artist:		Night Ranger
Song:		Sister Christian
Album:		Greatest Hits

(Standard Tuning)

C-F-G		"Sister Christian..."
F-Em-Dm		"To say, OK"


C-F 		"You're motoring..."
Bb-C		"Mister Right..."
Bb-Am-G		"tonight."

Phillip Guerra, MSII, MPH

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