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A minor (am) = x02210
A2 =  x02200
f = 133211
g# = 466544
A# = 688766
c(barred) = x35553
well here is my tab for hero I saw the other tabs for this song and they are in the 
wrong key (for those of you who do not know what that means it means that they were 
playing the song a note to low I.E. playing a g instead of a G#)

am   A2       am      A2         f   
        I am so high i can here heavean
am   A2       am      A2         f
        I am so high I can hear heaven (this is no mistake
                                        he says the same
     g#          A#            f             line twice)
But heaven no heaven dont hear me

 f                  g#
And they say that a hero could save us
    A#                       f(or c both sound ok **)
 Im not gonna stand here and wait
   f                 g#
 Ill hold on to the wings of the eagles 
 A#                   f 
 watch as we all fly away
 verse two 
 am A2          am      A2            f
       someone told me love will not save us
am  A2         am       A2            f
      how can that be look what love gave us
                       g#           A#
      I world full of killing and blood spilling
      that world wont end
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this is the solo (really easy)

       A -5 4 5 4 5 4 2* 5 4 5 4 5 4 0* 2 4

then   D 4 2 4 2 4 2  4 2 4 2 4 2        0 2 4
       A             *4            4*  2   

 THis part here is all picking  over G# A# f and C Ithink you can figure it out 
for yourselves if not  email me at and I will give it to you 
    now that the world isnt ending 
        A#                     c
    its love that Im sending to you
    It isnt the love of a hero 
         A#                      f
    and thats why I fear it wont do
**where you see this it means that you can play either an f or a c and it will still 
sound good I give you the option I personall use f but I think it a c in the song

This is a fairly easy song to learn (as most of chad kroegers are) and one I really like 
I hope you enjoy. that and check out nickelback's  album "the state" it is every bit as 
good as silver side up. Nickelback is from canada and Im from canada (no hockey or igloo 
jokes please) If you have any suggestions for my tab my email is up above . And please 
please do not get into another fight about this song (i see that for a lot of other songs) 
we were given this site to help each other not to fight and swear so please if you cant 
say somthing funny (or nice) say nothing. thanx

P.S. my intro on my worthy to say tab is wrong ignore it