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Sweet Afton Chords

here is Sweet Afton.  I was fortunate enough to talk 
with Sean and Chris after a show and ask them about
this song.  They said it is tuned to DADGAD and capoed 
on the 2nd fret.  So here goes...........

  Capo 2                   "SWEET AFTON"
                                       {easier fingerings, version}
     D   A   G   Bm   Em   F#m         D  A  G  Bm  F#m

Verse 1:
     D             A       G              D          
Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes,
     Bm           A           G           D    
Flow gently, I'll sing thee a song in thy praise;
   D        A            G        D
My Mary's asleep by thy murmuring stream,
     Bm             A      G              D 
Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream.
D A G D  Bm A G D

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Verse 2:
      D                A     G                D
Thou stock dove whose echo resounds thro' the glen,
       Bm                A        G          D
All Ye wild whistly blackbirds in yon thorny den,
      D             A             G          D
Thou green crested lapwing, thy screaming forbear,
     Bm            A           G           D
O'I charge you, disturb not my slumbering fair.

      Bm            A          G           D
O'How lofty, sweet Afton, thy neighboring hills,
    Em                          G             A
Far mark'd with the courses of clear winding rills;
       F#m     G         F#m        Bm   A   G  D
There daily I wander as noon rises high,... oooh,
    Em                         G         A 
My flocks and my Mary's sweet cot in my eye.

Filler (violin) D A G D Bm A G D

Verse 3:
How pleasant thy banks and green valleys below,
Where, wild in the woodlands, the primroses blow;

There oft, as mild evening sweeps over the lea,

The sweet-scented birk shades my Mary and me.

       Bm              A          G         D
O'Thy crystal stream, Afton, how lovely it glides,
     Em                        G         A
And winds by the cot where my Mary resides;
     F#m        G          F#m        Bm ...D
How wanton thy waters her snowy feet lave,
    Em                             G               A
As, gathering sweet flowerets, she stems thy clear wave.

Verse 4:
Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes,

Flow gently, sweet river, the theme of my lays;
My Mary's asleep by thy murmuring stream,

Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dreams.

There it is!  I hope it easy enough to follow and play. What a pretty song.  
This is a Robert Burns poem that Chris put music to, sure sounds nice.
Give me some feedback as to what you thought.