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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Stranded In The Jungle Bass Tab

Theres the intro with just the drums, then when the bass comes in its like this:


the little *'s mean repeat it. you'll figure it out
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then when the song switches to the part in the "states" it goes like this:
      *MAIN         5
G-------------------||------------11--|------------13-|                 |
D-------------11---*||------11--14----|-----13--16----|                 |
A------11--14----14*||---12-----------|--14-----------|*play MAIN twice |
E---12--------------||----------------|---------------|                 |  

12------------14--14-|--14-------------14--14|*MAIN again twice

Yeah, thats basicly it, not too bad for a first time tab, eh?  see you cats later